False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (2023)

One of the worst things you experience while wearing dentures is your dentures becoming loose and lacking the stability they once had. If that’s you, you may be interested in finding the best denture adhesive.

Make sense?

Having false teeth or being a denture wearer, it is only natural to expect your dentures to become almost an integral part of your mouth without any jarring and moving.

Also, you should not feel obligated to check on your dentures throughout the day or refuse to eat certain dishes just because the food may get stuck.

Therefore, your adhesive should grant the stability and confidence you need with your denture, so you’re able to enjoy every single meal and smile as much as you want to!

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What Is Denture Adhesive?

First and foremost, it is essential to state that these adhesives may come in different forms: wafers, powders, creams, strips, and even adhesive pads.

There are lots to choose from.

The choice of the preferred form is up to you since different users feel more confident in various forms. The primary purpose is to secure the dentures and ensure they remain in place without shifting or moving.

Regarding the different forms and types of adhesive, it is essential to state that adhesives in the form of cream are the most common choice, which is no surprise considering their stronghold.

However, some people report inevitable setbacks regarding this method since removing the cream may feel like removing glue, which can be rather unpleasant. Nevertheless, others had no difficulty adapting to the removal technique as they’re satisfied with the incredible hold it provides.

In theory, dentures should remain perfectly positioned and intact without adding an adhesive. However, as time goes by, even if the dentures are correctly maintained, the bone structure in your mouth undergoes several changes, including shrinking, which causes a decrease in denture stability.

When this happens, the primary role of the adhesive is to fill the gaps in the false teeth, regaining stability and comfort.

When choosing an ideal denture adhesive, you should consider a couple of game-changing factors. Therefore, all the details regarding the denture adhesive of your choice, including reviews of previous customers, are of utmost importance.

After all, as a denture wearer, you don’t want to take chances with stability and comfort, as it could affect not only the quality of your everyday life but your dental health, as well.

Considerations For Selecting The Best Denture Adhesive

Before we get to our top 10 picks for denture adhesives, it is crucial to go through some of the guidelines that should help you make the final cut.

These specific factors will help you make up your mind (which can be particularly challenging considering all the options on the market) and make the best choice for your individual needs.

Grab a paper and a pen and create your shopping “cheatsheet” based on the following factors:

  • The list of ingredients – Your health and safety come before anything else. While a specific product may satisfy your needs in terms of cost, hold, and wearability, its ingredients may not be the safest choice for your health. For instance, certain denture products may contain a hefty dose of zinc, which can be potentially harmful and even cause nerve damage in some cases. The best way to avoid the whole zinc confusion would be to avoid it altogether or to search for products that contain a minimal amount.
  • Feedback from previous customers – While you may not be too big on customer reviews when it comes to adhesives, it may be where the most critical pieces of information are hiding. Of course, every company will advertise their product as the best, most effective solution. Still, we all know that the information presented on a manufacturer’s website does not necessarily have to be accurate. Also, customer reviews can be highly detailed, covering every aspect of the product, precisely what you need!
  • The price – No matter what you’re shopping for, it is essential to look for a balance between the quality and cost of a product. As a denture wearer, you will probably need to use denture adhesive regularly, so the product’s price should align with your budget. However, the quality aspect should not be compromised, as you want the glue to be both effective and safe.

The Best Denture Adhesive Compared

Without further ado, let’s move on to our countdown of the best denture adhesives on the market, combining the quality and efficiency aspects and offering the smoothest, most secure experience.

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Secure Denture Adhesive

As the name implies, the Secure denture adhesive prioritizes security before anything else. It’s a bonding cream that offers a super strong hold, reliability, and efficiency.

Not only will it not alter the taste of your meals and beverages, but it will also remain intact as you’re enjoying your course.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (1)

Also, it offers up to 12 hours of protection throughout the day, which will allow you to forget about your denture as you’re enjoying your day.

Also, you don’t have to worry about any potentially harmful ingredients in this product since all of them are food grade.

Finally, we have to mention the fantastic cost-efficiency you can achieve by choosing the Secure denture adhesive since it also comes in a pack of four. As such, it’s an excellent opportunity to stack up on your favorite denture adhesive cream!

Pros Of The Secure Denture Adhesive

  • Has a stronghold (12-hour holding capability)
  • It doesn’t alter the taste of your meals and drinks
  • Zinc-free

Cons Of The Secure denture adhesive

  • Some customers reported having difficulty removing the cream

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A brand with an impeccable, years-long reputation is a close runner-up when it comes to our list of the best denture adhesives.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (2)

This particular brand stands out because it contains no artificial flavors and colors and is zinc-free. Also, it has an ooze-control tip for effortless application.

Offering a secure seal, Poligrip guarantees that you will not experience any food particles stuck in your denture. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any irritation or discomfort caused by food in the gaps of your denture.

Also, Poligrip is available in a pack of four at a great price, so you don’t have to worry about running out of it any time soon.

Pros Of The Poligrip

  • No artificial ingredients & zinc-free
  • Easy to apply
  • Stronghold up to 12 hours at a time

Cons Of The Poligrip

  • It might be a bit tricky to remove

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The Fixodent adhesive is optimal for denture wearers who prefer a fragile seal that still provides a secure hold that should not be compromised.

Being a powder, Fixodent is a convenient, easy-to-use product, which is an excellent choice for partial denture wearers and those who wear it daily.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (3)

Even though a thin layer is all you need to stay protected, Fixodent will be your trusty companion as it offers absolute security and tightness.

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What’s more, if you’re used to working with creams, Fixodent will be a natural breath of fresh air, given that powder tends to be much easier to apply.

Also, Fixodent has been recommended by professional dentists, earning the top spot as the #1 Dentist Recommended Denture Adhesive Brand. If you happen to be disappointed by the efficacy of this product, you can return it within 60 days.

Pros Of The Fixodent

  • Airtight structure
  • Powder form – easy to apply
  • Recommended by dentists

Cons Of The Fixodent

  • Some might not like its taste

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Cushion Grip – is this the best adhesive for dentures?

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (4)

This particular adhesive is a soft, pliable thermoplastic, ideal for tightening and refitting your denture, depending on your individual needs. Also, it is an excellent choice whether you need to secure upper, lower, or partial dentures.

What makes Cushion Grip stand out in our top 10 selection is that it offers a highly durable hold compared to other products – up to 4 days with a single application of the product!

Furthermore, Cushion Grip is 100% waterproof, which means its texture and grip will not be jeopardized no matter what you drink or eat. It adheres to your denture effortlessly, adapting to its shape.

Pros Of The Cushion Grip

  • Extreme duration – up to 4 days
  • 100% waterproof
  • Easily adapts to the shape of your denture

Cons Of The Cushion Grip

  • Some users reported that the grip did not last as long as advertised

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Sea-Bond is a brand of denture adhesive seals, promising to provide a smooth application and a soft, cushion-like feel. With adhesive seals, all you need is a single seal that lasts all day – there’s no need to touch it up throughout the day, reposition or reapply it, no matter what you eat and drink.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (5)

They offer a secure, long-lasting hold combined with comfortable wear, as there is no pasty ooze. That being said, if you choose seals over the paste, you can forget about messy cleanups and difficult removal.

Finally, Sea-Bond seals have a fresh, minty flavor, which can only be a plus, right?

Pros Of The Sea-Bond

  • Smooth application
  • No pasty ooze
  • Fresh mint flavor

Cons Of The Sea-Bond

  • It works the best on perfectly positioned dentures only

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Effergrip Strong Denture Adhesive

Some denture wearers tend to pick your foods based on the pressure they might create on their dentures. Well, that should not be your criteria any longer – not if you’re using Effergrip Strong Denture Adhesive.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (6)

(Video) Top 5 Best Denture Adhesives In 2021

Effergrip offers extra-strong hold for your dentures, no matter the food you eat or the beverages you drink. Therefore, this product is a great choice when you need that extra boost of confidence or for special occasions when you can’t afford your denture to shift.

What’s more, Effergrip does not contain any zinc whatsoever – so there’s no need to worry about any side effects!

Pros Of The Effergrip Strong

  • Firm grip no matter the pressure and the food choice
  • It offers an extra stronghold
  • Contains no zinc

Cons Of The Effergrip Strong

  • Not the easiest application

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Poligrip Ultra Wernets

Here we have yet another powder adhesive option, which is excellent for those of you who cannot stand the glue-like texture in your mouth. Besides, the powder is generally considered to cause less mess and allow for a quicker, more accessible application than creams.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (7)

Aside from easy application and convenient use, Ultra Wernets also help protect your denture from any food particles that might get stuck in the gaps. This product also prevents any irritation by creating a shield around your dentures. Finally, this offers a zinc-free formula.

Pros Of The Poligrip Ultra

  • Powder form that’s easy to apply
  • Protects the denture from any food particles
  • Zinc-free formula

Cons Of The Poligrip Ultra

  • Not the longest lasting protection

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Blend-a-Dent combines the two crucial aspects of an efficient denture adhesive: extra strong hold on one side and comfort on the other. At times, products can offer excellent grip and durability while compromising comfort, which is not something you should give up.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (8)

The brand offers a German-quality product, guaranteeing a super-strong, durable hold while providing comfortable wear. Also, the adhesive is available in a pack of 3 products.

Pros Of The Blend-a-Dent

  • Extra strong hold combined with comfortable wear
  • Available in a pack of 3

Cons Of The Blend-a-Dent

  • Some users did not find the grip to be as strong as advertised

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Brava Ostomy Strip Paste

Brava Ostomy Strip Paste guarantees that there will be no gaps left between your denture and the skin since it fills even the deepest folds and scars, creating a secure seal.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (9)

Thanks to its strong seal, you should not be experiencing any leakage, regardless of your food and drink choice, as well as the quantity of each. Furthermore, Brava Ostomy strip paste is formulated to absorb any moisture, keeping your denture protected.

Pros Of The Brava Ostomy Strip Paste

(Video) Best Adhesive For Dentures In 2023 | Top 5 Best Adhesives To Keep Your Dentures Strong

  • Creates a strong seal filling in even the deepest of folds
  • Absorbs moisture to prevent any leakage

Cons Of The Brava Ostomy Strip Paste

  • It might be too strong and tricky to remove at times

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Corega Denture Adhesive Cream

Corega denture adhesive cream claims to offer maximal grip capacity, protecting your denture at all times and not allowing any food to pass through. In addition, there is no aroma or flavor added to this adhesive, which means that it won’t affect the taste of your meal or drink.

False teeth? What is the best dentures adhesive in 2023? (10)

With the extra strong hold and flavorless formula, you should be able to forget about your denture!

Pros Of The Corega Denture Adhesive Cream

  • Maximal grip capacity
  • No aroma or flavor added

Cons Of The Corega Denture Adhesive Cream

  • A bit pricey

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