Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (2023)

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (1)Every Dasher’s worst nightmare: You log into the app and notice that your account has been deactivated, or you receive an email letting you know the same.

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (2)

Deactivated! Not the email you want to see

DoorDash has an extensive deactivation policy that outlines all the contract violations and other actions that may lead to deactivation.

The most common reasons for deactivation are policy violations,customer complaints, low order completion ratings, and low customer ratings.

The good news is that DoorDash allows Dashers to appeal deactivations: You can plead your case and get reactivated.

Read on to learn why Dashers get deactivated and how you can get reactivated.

Article Contents
  • The DoorDash Deactivation Policy
  • Contract Violations on DoorDash
  • How to Appeal a DoorDash Deactivation
  • How to Avoid Deactivation
  • Always Have a Backup Plan

Deactivated by DoorDash? Try another delivery gig! See the top delivery gigs here.

The DoorDash deactivation policy: Why Dashers get deactivated

DoorDash has a detailed deactivation policy (see it at DoorDash.com)that outlines all the ways that might cause a Dasher to receive a contract warning or lose access to the platform. Here is a summary outlining the reasons for deactivation.

  • Ratingsdrop below 4.2 – Too many low ratings from customers may lead to deactivation
  • Completion rate below 80%– Completion rate = Orders completed/orders accepted. Don’t accept orders you can’t complete!
  • Failure to pass a background check – DoorDash occasionally updates its background screening. If there’s a new criminal or driving record issue, you may be deactivated
  • Marking delivery complete that wasn’t completed – Don’t mark it complete if it isn’t. If you can’t complete a delivery, follow the in-app steps to correctly end the delivery
  • Frequent late deliveries – If your pickups & deliveries are frequently much later than the estimated times
  • Tampering with deliveries or exhibiting unsafe food handling practices – Do not open, eat, or tamper with a delivery
  • Manipulating promotions and referrals – Using promotions in a fraudulent way may cause deactivation
  • Red card abuse – Don’t use the red card for anything other than active deliveries
  • Scraping, unauthorized app access – Scraping data or circumventing security features is not allowed
  • Unsafe driving, biking, or scooting – DoorDash may evaluate customer reports or new accidents on your record
  • Inappropriate contact with customers or restaurants– Don’t make any unwanted personal contact with customers. Don’t disclose the personal information of your customers or restaurants online, and don’t harass customers/restaurant workers
  • Disclosing personal information – Do not share the personal information of customers or restaurant workers online
Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (3)

A completion rate below than 80% is a common reason for deactivation

The ‘self-explanatory’ causes for deactivation

You won’t be surprised that these violations will lead to deactivation.


  • Use of alcohol or drugs while on the platform
  • Violence, abusive language to customers, restaurants, or customer support
  • Discrimination or customer harassment
  • Unsafe driving behavior
  • Violating the law or using the app for criminal activity

DoorDash contract violations

A DoorDash contract violation is a notice on your account when DoorDash accuses you of activities that go against the deactivation policy. Contract violations appear in the Ratings area of the app.

To get a contract violation removed, contact DoorDash and let them know your side of the story. It’s helpful if you have photo evidence to support you.

Tap on a contract violation to see general information about the violation and how to avoid a similar offense in the future.

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (5)

Tap on a contract violation to get more info. This one was for “order never arrived”

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (6)

Late deliveries and pickups can lead to contract violations

How many contract violations can you have before you get deactivated?

DoorDash does not state precisely how many contract violations will lead to deactivation. The decision is handled on a case-by-case basis.

You may be able to avoid deactivation with several ‘Order was never received contract’ violations, but just one serious violation (abuse, violence, etc.) could lead to immediate deactivation.

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (7)

5 contract violations and still active!

(Video) How To Get Your DoorDash Driver Account Reactivated After Deactivation

How do you know if you’ve been deactivated?

DoorDash sends an in-app notification and an email too let you know that you’ve been deactivated.

The notification will state that you’ve been deactivated, and typically the email will include a reason for the deactivation and instructions for appeal, if an appeal is possible.

Although deactivations can come without warning, DoorDash at least tells you the reason for deactivation. Other platforms—like Uber—make it much harder to figure out why you were deactivated.

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (8)

One of the ways to find out about a deactivation

Warnings from DoorDash

DoorDash sometimes sends warnings if you are at risk of deactivation.

For example, if your completion rate is getting close to 80%, DoorDash might send you an email informing you that you will be deactivated if your completion rate is below 80% after a certain date.

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (9)

Don’t say DoorDash didn’t warn you!

How to appeal a DoorDash deactivation

DoorDash will provide instructions on how to appeal in the initial deactivation email. The deactivation notice includes a link to an appeal form, or a button to request a review.

The appeal form will ask you to provide relevant information about the reason for deactivation.

Closely follow the instructions, fill out the forms, and include any relevant photos or proof. Then wait. You should hear back from DoorDash within a few days.

Contacting support via live chat or phone, tweeting DoorDash, and other forms of contact are not the best way to go about the appeals process. Stick to the appeals form.

(Video) How I Got My Grubhub Driver Account REACTIVATED! (After Grubhub Deactivated My Account)

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (10)

Request a review to begin the appeals process

DoorDash claims that the appeals process does not apply if the deactivation was due to ‘objective’ measures like customer rating or completion rate. The logic is that a calculation such as a customer rating is less disputable than an incident with a customer.

Can you appeal deactivations for low ratings and a low completion rate?

As stated in the deactivation policy, DoorDash doesn’t allow you to make a formal appeal if your deactivation is due to low ratings and completion rates.

You can try pleading your case to DoorDash through other contact methods, but there is very little evidence of Dashers successfully overturning these deactivations. Try another delivery app.

Tips to successfully appeal a deactivation

Complete the appeals form quickly – Don’t drag out the process by waiting.

Only include relevant details. Be concise – It might be tempting to tell a long, detailed story, but DoorDash is more likely to understand your point of view if you edit your story down to only the essential details.

Usescreencapsand photos as proof – Have a photo proving you completed a delivery? Don’t forget to include it.

Don’t lash out, don’t be rude – Don’t use your appeal as an opportunity to vent. Your goal is to get reactivated, not to get one over on the customer or DoorDash. Support agents are more likely to be on your side if you stay polite.

Why DoorDash Drivers Get Deactivated, and How to Get Reactivated (11)

Follow the appeals process and you might be reactivated

(Video) How To Get Your Uber Driver Account Reactivated AFTER A Deactivation

Reactivation is possible! Here’s an example

This Dasher on Reddit shared a reactivation story that shows what it’s like when DoorDash accepts your appeal and reactivates your account.

We’ve received and reviewed your appeal request, and we’d like to let you know that your Dasher account has been reactivated.

After taking a look at your appeal and the reason why your Dasher account was deactivated, we were able to confirm that you did not violate your Independent Contractor Agreement and the Deactivation Policy.

Please allow 24 hours for the reactivation to be processed and we look forward to seeing you on the road soon!

Sincerely,The DoorDash Operations Team

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How to avoid deactivation

You can do a lot to keep your account in good standing and avoid deactivation.

Be selective about orders you accept – Low completion rate is a common reason for deactivation, so try not to accept orders you can’t complete.

Have you noticed that you regularly unassign orders from a particular restaurant that takes forever to complete orders, like these 3 restaurants that Dashers hate? Don’t accept orders from those restaurants. A low acceptance rate won’t lead to deactivation, so feel free to decline orders that won’t work out for you.

Avoid false reports by taking pictures of deliveries – Unfortunately, dishonest customers try to save money by claiming that orders never arrived even when they did. Protect yourself by taking a photo of the order with the house number in the frame. This is especially easy now that no-contact delivery is the norm.

Do your best to provide great customer service – The DoorDash rating system may feel unfair, but you must do all you can to keep your ratings above 4.2. Follow all order notes. Communicate with the customer and update them if there is a delay. Don’t get angry or frustrated with a customer if you can avoid it.

Contact support when things go wrong– DoorDash can solve many technical and logistical issues. By contacting support, you’re leaving a paper trail and making a strong case that you were proactive and did everything possible to make a problematic delivery work.

Don’t multi app, ormulti app carefully– It’s tempting to try to maximize earnings by driving for more than one app simultaneously, but extra apps add extra complications that may lead to low completion rate, late deliveries, and low customer ratings. If you do decide to multi app, only accept orders that perfectly fit in with your current DoorDash order.

Try not to let rude customers and restaurants get to you – Dashers run into so many frustrating situations that are often caused by customers and restaurant workers. Keep your cool. People are quick to report any sort of confrontation, and that can quickly lead to deactivation.

(Video) DoorDash Deactivated Me! How To Get Reactivated

Always have a backup plan: Sign up for other apps

Deactivation can happen to anyone at any time. Companies make mistakes, customers lie, and Dashers have bad days. If you’re only signed up for one service, you’re vulnerable to losing your ability to earn money.

There are many other services similar to DoorDash that you can apply to for free. Most apps don’t have a minimum work requirement to keep your account active, so there’s no harm in keeping them around as a backup. And you might find that other apps work better for you.

  • Uber Eats
  • Postmates
  • Instacart
  • Amazon Flex


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